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I never have to worry about whether or not I’m going to eat well when I’m traveling with Megan and Lucy. Our priorities always skew toward deliciousness.

Where we ate:

Lux, Lilla Essingen: a Michelin-starred restaurant that does an excellent and quite reasonable lunch special? Yes, please! The day we were there it was tiny lamb burgers served with fresh cooked vegetables and an amazing butter-filled potato puree. We also had amazing slightly sweet bread to start and raspberry ice cream to finish. Mmm.

Taste of Vietnam, Södermalm: we ducked in here when it was pouring rain and we’d waited too long for dinner, with the thought that phở is never unwelcome. It was delicious! And, bonus: our waitress told us about the next day’s zombie walk, which we ran out of Creperie Fyra Knop to watch.

Creperie Fyra Knop, Södermalm: a filling but not too huge lunch (mmm, raclette crepe) just off Götgatan and its many lovely design shops. The atmosphere made us think of Sweden in winter, but in a cosy way.

Fjäderholmarnas Krog, on one of the Fjäderholmarna islands: Lucy and I took Megan here for a birthday surprise. Lucy wasn’t terribly impressed by the service, and it’s definitely got special-occasion prices, but worth it. The reindeer carpaccio appetizer was Megan’s favorite (and possibly also mine), but everything was wonderful, from the butter with pink salt to the other appetizers (smoked herring and local cheese on thin wafers and cauliflower gelatin topped with truffles and fried onion) to the mains (crispy rainbow trout with cauliflower puree, mushrooms, and poached egg; beef with crispy fried potatoes; and pierogi stuffed with vegetables and cheese) to dessert (salted caramel ice cream and a cappucino that I spilled all over the table).

Brunkebergs Bageri, Vasastaden: I’m slightly obsessed with this little bakery. Everything we tried was A+ delicious. Also, there was a tiny half-Swedish half-American girl singing the Pippi Longstocking song in Swedish and dancing with her eyes closed while her American mother chatted with us and shook her head. If I lived in Stockholm, I would be here basically daily.

Café Sirap, Vasastaden: brunch is huge and very delicious. There was more (tasty!) bacon than I could eat, and I can put away a lot of bacon. The blueberry pancakes looked better than they tasted, but the coffee and fresh orange juice were lovely. Also, the crowd was almost uniformly poorly dressed yet extremely attractive.

Planet Food, Östermalms Saluhall, Östermalm: delicious wraps in the market hall! There is nothing not to like about this.

Where we drank:

Kaffekoppen, Gamla Stan: we didn’t much like the looks of the sandwiches, but for an afternoon coffee or tea while people-watching, it’s unbeatable.

– A café of which I do not know the name, Södermalm: just around the corner from the Stockholm Stadsmuseum, cattycorner to the bank at the base of Götgatan, but strangely not showing up on Google. Cozy, with lovely hot chocolate, but if you order tea, make sure to get the milk on the side — my tea, pictured just above (right), looked like a tall glass of hot milk that a teabag might have glanced at sideways but never actually touched.

ICEBAR, City: described at length in my previous post (but keep in mind, it’s a bar! made of ice! just go.).

Lady Patricia, Södermalm: as mentioned before, it’s a gay bar on a boat! It’s also a rather popular restaurant, though we’d already eaten (at a non-descript but quite okay Thai/sushi place across the street from the ICEBAR). We snagged couches on the upstairs deck and people watched for a while before dancing.

Anddd I’m officially missing Sweden now.

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