In June 2015, just before I moved back to the US, I took one last long-weekend trip to Zurich. It was my third time there (the first time was with Cecilia, the second time with Megan and Lucy) and the place just keeps seeming less and less real each time I go. To be fair, I have only ever visited Zurich when the weather was stunning — no rain at all, warm enough to enjoy swimming in the frigid lake — so I might be a little biased. But look at Zurich! It’s just too pretty to be an actual place.

Even though summer is about the worst time for eating copious amounts of hot cheese, I made a point to enjoy fondue at Le Dézaley each of the past two times I was in Zurich, because when in Switzerland fondue needs to happen and Le Dézaley is just wonderful. Also highly recommended: swimming in Lake Zurich (early and often), renting pedal boats, long walks along the lakeshore, long walks through town, long walks through the nearby hills, and maybe making a point of staying in a hotel that has air conditioning. 30 degrees C without air conditioning requires many dips in the cold lake.

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