paris in spring


Stephen and I went to Paris together for the second time at the beginning of April, after having had such an excellent time on crêpe weekend last June. Our plan was pretty much to do the exact same thing as last year, i.e., eat every single crêpe and galette we could get our hands on. To that end we stayed at Timhotel Tour Montparnasse on Rue de la Gaité, approximately 200 meters from the closest crêperie (and because we are ridiculous, complained about just how very far away that was). We actually only went for crêpe three times over five days (compare to last year’s five times in barely two full days!) but a good bit of that can be blamed on our discovery of the magnificence that was Barthélémy cheese shop at 51 Rue de Grenelle and its excellent salted butter and stinky Roquefort cheese and our multiple subsequent picnics involving said magnificence at the Eiffel Tower and Sacré-Coeur (as well as in our hotel room when the weather was less stunning). We also rented Vélib’ bicycles, which are a great deal at EUR 1,70 for the day + the first half hour of each ride thereafter is free, otherwise EUR 1,- for up to an hour — and with stations all over the place to switch them in and out, it’s relatively easy to keep your rides under half an hour. I dragged Stephen to my beloved Les Cocottes for a vegetable cocotte, chocolate tarte, and fresh cheese (like yogurt but less tangy, served with wonderful clear honey) and we checked out the impressionists at Musée d’Orsay and other than that we pretty much just wandered around and slept a whole lot and soaked in the city. Oh, we also ate at least one pain au chocolat each day, because why would you let a day go by in Paris without a chocolate croissant? Exactly.

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