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Possibly the highlight of four days in Sweden with Megan and Lucy: the ICEBAR. We were initially a little less impressed than expected. We thought it would be a bar COMPLETELY OUT OF ICE, and well, it’s mostly ice, with a metal floor; the drinks are tiny, though delicious; and if you go anytime other than on a Friday or Saturday after 9:45 p.m. you have a time limit for how long you’re allowed to stay.

But in spite of the things that were not quite what we thought they were going to be, we were still in a bar made of ice wearing ridiculous hooded parkas with attached gloves and sipping tiny drinks out of glasses made of ice while David Guetta pumped through the sound system. We started dancing around like fools the moment we arrived and did not stop hamming it up until our time at the ICEBAR was up — at which point we promptly relocated to Lady Patricia, because when there is a boat that is also a gay bar, you need to check these things out.

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