croatia II: korčula

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Definitely my favorite of the three places we stayed in Croatia: Korčula town, on the island of Korčula. We booked a rental apartment for four nights (Apartments Karisima — definitely recommended!) and enjoyed wandering around the old town, biking out to the two sandy beaches about 45 minutes away, and kayaking out to the island Badija with its fourteenth-century monastery. The area had this wonderful relaxed summer camp kind of vibe which I really enjoyed. Not sure how crowded it gets in the high season, but it was lovely while we were there. Plus we got to go to mass in the cathedral in the center of the old town — going to church in foreign countries is always something I like (bongos and a guitar at a Catholic church in Rome! Easter at the American Episcopal Cathedral in Paris!) and this one did not disappoint. Oh, and the Marco Polo bakery by the harbor! We went there every morning we were in town and ordered variations on the same three pastries (one savory spinach and cheese, two sweet apple or cherry) and bought tiny americano coffees at the cafe next door and enjoyed the view of the Adriatic Sea. Even on the one morning it poured rain, we enjoyed hanging out under one of the umbrellas and watching the goings on in the town. Korčula is a winner.

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