Stephen and I went to Brussels last weekend to see Arcade Fire in concert*, selecting Brussels out of the European options (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) because neither of us had ever been there. In the five years I’ve lived in Germany, I’d still never even been to Belgium! Through Belgium, sure, but I hadn’t ever stopped there.

The weather wasn’t terribly inviting and we were both pretty badly in need of a chill weekend, so we took it pretty slow. We didn’t even see the most famous sight of Brussels, in spite of being only ten minutes’ walk away. However, we did eat a couple of waffles (the street waffle was far superior to the indoor waffle) and drink a bunch of Belgian beer, if only to prove to ourselves that we like German beer a heck of a lot better. A La Mort Subite was our favorite place to hang out (other than our hotel room — it was a good weekend for napping). Despite having seen only a tiny bit of the city we both really liked it. I’d go again! Brussels. Who knew.

*The Arcade Fire concert was very, very fun. It was a fancy dress or costume concert, so we busted back out our crocodile and roach costumes from Karneval — you know you’re in for a good time when you go somewhere in a full-body costume. I haven’t historically been an Arcade Fire fan with the exception of a couple of songs, but I’ve really been digging the album Reflektor, and have slowly been tiptoeing into the prior three albums (off The Suburbs, the title track and “Ready to Start” are both excellent).

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